Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols: Is It Over?

90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Lima is an absolute legend within the fandom.

Love her, hate her, or a little of both, all fans know one thing: who is against the Queen will die!

Eric Nichols is the young, hot boytoy-turned-boyfriend who has been with Larissa off and on since February 2019.

The two recently undertook a huge move together.

Now, fans worry that they've broken up … and they just might be right.

But one of Larissa's answers to a question about OnlyFans may mean that things are better than they seem.

Take a look at the clues below and decide for yourself: are they together or is it over?

1.Did they break up?

2.First, it's the ol' Instagram purge

3.Also, they unfollowed each other

4.Larissa says …

5.It's so weird …

6.Plus, they just moved!

7.And besides, didn't he pay for her surgery?

8.That "loan" that we saw on 90 Day Fiance never happened

9.So how did she pay for it?

10.A fan asks for TMI

11.The link leads here

12.What does that mean?

13.Speaking of OnlyFans

14.Has OnlyFans helped?

15.Plus, 90 Day Fiance was hard

16.She got a LOT of questions about OnlyFans

17.You don't have to be lwed, either

18.Larissa loves splitting hairs

19.Larissa does warn her fans

20.Sometimes, it's sabotage

21.That said …

22.Larissa has to pay for a service …

23.By the way …

24.She likes the deal with OnlyFans

25.There's more to it than just posting pics and videos

26.It takes a lot of time


28.There are positives and negatives

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