Kylie Jenner posts backstage footage of Stormi at Travis Scott’s tour

Kylie Jenner has given fans a behind the scenes look at boyfriend Travis Scott ‘s tour, revealing that their daughter Stormi gets VIP treatment backstage.

And the tot, now 10 months old, already appears to be growing up fast.

“Alright, so I’m about to head into the venue,” Kylie begins, as she arrives at Madison Square Garden in New York City for Travis’s Astroworld tour.

“I like to get Stormi put in the car with my security first,” she says.

“Travis is already there,” Kylie explains with a smile. “He likes to get there early to check on everything.”

She tells Stormi: “We’re going to see Dada!”

With a laugh, Stormi replies: “Da da da da.”

Kylie then reveals a dressing room with a picture of a thunderstorm emoji on the door.

"So her dad gives Stormi – not me, Stormi – her own room at every venue," Kylie reveals.

The room features comfortable couches, plants, a television, bottled water and snacks including Fritos, Doritos and Cheetos.

"We don’t let her out because of how loud it is out there, but she just usually stays backstage and watches until her bedtime," she continues.

"She’ll watch until her bedtime what’s going on on the TV.”

In another part of the vlog, Kylie is seen playing with the tot, who attempts to get up onto her own two feet.

"You’re standing all on your own!" Kylie says, in shock. "Don’t grow up!"

After the concert begins, Kylie quickly sneaks into the crowd, trying hard not to be recognised.

But later, she shakes off her shyness as she joins partner Travis on the ‘rollercoaster’ that rides high about the audience.

She later says to camera: “I rode a rollercoaster at Madison Square Garden!”

Meanwhile, Kylie’s mother Kris Jenner has made a cameo appearance in Ariana Grande’s music video for latest hit, Thank U, Next.

In scenes spoofing cult teen movie Mean Girls, Kris plays an overenthusiastic mum, who films daughter Ariana during a high school Christmas concert.

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