Kylie Jenner Mom-Shamed for Letting 2-Year-Old Daughter Stormi Use Pacifier

The backlash arrives after the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star uploads on Instagram Stories a video of her and her daughter with Travis Scott cuddling in bed.

AceShowbizKylie Jenner just wanted to share a new glimpse of her life with daughter Stormi Webster. The makeup mogul has become the subject of parent-shaming after she shared on Instagram Stories a video of the little girl using a pacifier.

In the said video, Kylie and Stormi were cuddling in bed as the latter stared deeply into the camera. Her mother then zoomed in on her face, making her smile. “Are you taking care of me?” the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star asked. Instead of giving her an answer, Stormi simply let out a giggle and that made Kylie repeated her question.

“Have you been taking care of me?” Kylie asked once again. This time, Stormi excitedly answered, “Yeah!” before putting her pacifier back into her mouth.

The fact that Stormi is still using a pacifier at 2 years old apparently irked some people, who later slammed Kylie for allowing her daughter to use one. “She was too big for a pacifier,” one said, to which another agreed, “I think so too but we can’t tell someone else how to raise their child. However, if they can talk and have teeth it’s time to throw the pacifier away.”

“Why does a 2 year old still have a pacifier though?” one other asked. “I understand to those that have special needs and need it, but her daughter is a healthy little girl. She needs to lay off that pacifier.” One more person echoed, “A mouth full of teeth. Why does she got a pacifier?” Someone else said, “Waay too big for a pacifier… but let me shut my non billionaire up.”

There was also an individual who said, “Kylie really still let’s stormi use a pacifier. Lil baby is 2 now she needs to give it up,” while another commented, “These rich parents she like how old with a bo bo aka pacifier smh.”

Kylie has yet to respond to the backlash.

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