Krystal Nielson Flaunts Tanned Bikini Bod As She Jokes About Paying A ‘Sunshine Tax’

Krystal Nielson from Bachelor in Paradise is still enjoying plenty of sun, as she showed off her tanned bikini body on Instagram. One fan said, “Summer just won’t quit!” to which Krystal replied, “that’s why we pay the sunshine tax.” Nielson is one of the lucky ones, as many models in New York are pining for summer and posting throwback bikini photos right now.

In the picture, Krystal shaded her eyes with a white baseball hat while wearing a floral bikini. She made kissy faces at the camera, as she showed off her toned abs and deep tan. Nielson also wore some bracelets, a necklace, and her engagement ring.

The TV star is likely feeling good after what sounded like a successful birthday celebration, as she mentioned that Chris surprised her with tons of different things that made her feel “so loved.” This was her first birthday with her fiancé Chris, so he probably went the extra mile to make it extra special. It appears he did a great job at keeping his future wife happy. Fans don’t really know all the details of her birthday, except that she enjoyed some time on a boat. Krystal also thanked her “ride or die” friends, who helped her make the day memorable.

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Weekend ???? #lesssgoooo

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And while Krystal finally found her happily-ever-after story with Chris, things weren’t always so easy. After all, when she was on The Bachelor with Arie, she was branded the “villain” of the season. In order to prepare for her time on Paradise, this is what Nielson said she did.

“I just developed a really strong morning routine… I wanted to clear emotional space coming into Paradise, and work through some growing pains I had, so yeah, I burned a lot of sage, girl. I have saged my soul.”

Plus, she elaborated on what it felt like to be considered the “bad guy,” according to ET. A lot of these insights were gained after Krystal watched the episodes on TV.

“I think I just felt very misunderstood. But I understand where people were coming from and how I was acting selfishly and being disrespectful to the women when it wasn’t my intention.”

Whatever the case, Nielson was able to find her love, and this is what Chris said about their upcoming wedding.

“We’re 100 percent getting married, and we’re 100 percent making it happen. think as time goes on, we will have a better understanding of when and where that can take place.”

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My favorite way to start the day is to say OUT LOUD 3 things that I’m grateful for. ???????????? Today they are faith, family and friends. ???? These 3 things allow me to believe in myself to reach for bigger dreams and support me through those hard days when I fall short or self-doubt begins to creep in…. cuz real talk, self-doubt IS A THING. To know that self empowerment is a meditation, prayer or phone call away fuels me with the passion to continue the path to fulfill Purpose. ???????????? What 3 things are you grateful for today?? ???????????? ???? @jimsloanphoto

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