Kristen Bell Has Something To Say About Her Recent Snow White Comments

Apparently there are some people out there who stan for Snow White, and they got really mad at the recent comments Kristen Bell made during an interview with Parents magazine. Kristen is speaking up and she’s sticking by what she said.

Kristen said she uses the story of Snow White to teach her two young daughters about consent, and asking permission. Makes sense, considering Snow White is one of those stories that involves kissing a very unconscious woman and passing it off as romantic. Still, there were a few people who had a problem with Kristen coming for their girl Snow. Not long after Kristen’s comments gained some steam on the internet, she explained herself on Twitter against some of the haters. One Twitter user called out Kristen for what they saw was hypocrisy; Kristen is the voice of a very popular Disney princess, Princess Anna from Frozen. That argument didn’t fly with Kristen.

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