KJ Apa Goes Shirtless in ‘Flaunt Magazine’ Cover Story Pictorial

KJ Apa and his abs are the cover subjects of Flaunt Magazine‘s current “Transcience Issue.” The Kiwi native also spoke about his love of Los Angeles and his simple but direct approach to acting in an article that accompanies his pictorial .

We have KJ’s cover pic as well as a number of other Flaunt-worthy photos in a gallery below. We also have a short video of KJ doing his Flaunt shoot.  

In the cover article, KJ talks about the limits that he feels many people automatically accept in the environment where he grew up. Even he felt discouraged from taking chances or doing something outside the norm until he took a risk and auditioned for a New Zealand soap opera, Shortland Street, as a sixteen year-old.

After getting the part and having a very successful run for several years on the show, KJ took the opportunity to come to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. He says that he immediately fell in love with the freedom embodied in the city.

I got to LA and I was like, holy s**t, I’m in a city where I can do whatever I want, dress however I want, be whoever I want to be, and no one is going to judge me. That really opened my eyes, and when I was there, I knew I wanted to stay there. LA is the city—it’s the city for me. I love LA so much …”

As a transplant to LA, KJ has managed to get a number of roles, almost all of which cast him as prototypical clean-cut, athletic All-American high school boy. KJ says that his comfort in those roles comes from being immersed in American television shows, movies and music as a kid in New Zealand. But he also says that he approaches all of his roles in a far less emotionally complicated way than many of the American actor peers that he collaborates with, or competes with for roles.

I think my approach to acting was always: ‘I’m only acting’. It was never fully investing emotionally… my personal life and stuff, I keep that separate to what you see on screen … seeing guys who are on set who put themselves into a place emotionally where it’s like … geez man, why do you do this to yourself? Why don’t you just act? … I haven’t been in a position where I’ve gotten that into it. I don’t feel like I need to in order to do the story or the character justice.”

So far, KJ’s comfort with All-American high school kid roles and directness has seemed to pay off. Time will tell whether he is able to break out of that mold and play other types of characters as well.

(Image sources: Youtube, Flaunt Magazine and KJ Apa Instagram accounts, Sprouseheart Twitter account)

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