Kimberly Guilfoyle & Donald Trump Jr. Jet Away To Montana & Cozy Up In PDA Pics

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. continued flaunting their relationship during a work trip to Montana, where they managed to pack in a little romance. See their major PDA from their wilderness expedition!

The couple that stumps together, stays together? Washington, DC’s cutest(??) couple, Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49, and Donald Trump Jr., 40, enjoyed the great outdoors together during a trip to the Montana wilderness that the Fox News host documented on Instagram. The twosome were officially in the state to speak at the Ravalli County Republican committee in Hamilton, Montana, but they took some time to enjoy each other’s company, as shown through Kimberly’s cutesy pics. When they weren’t stumping for GOP Representative Greg Gianfote and Montana state auditor Matt Rosendale (who’s running for state senator), they were enjoying some couple-only fishing and hunting when they weren’t hanging out with their third wheel, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Nothing says romance and fun like that!

Per usual, Kimberly went full glam despite visiting the great outdoors. It’s not every day that you see someone shooting in satin leggings and Lululemon. But never mind that; Kim and her beau, the president’s son, looked perfectly happy together. Their relationship is definitely growing stronger by the day. The last time we saw Kimberly and Don together, things got… awkward, to say the least. The couple attended Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s annual alligator hunt (that’s a real thing) in early September, and Kimberly called her boyfriend “big daddy” in front of the entire party. Be right back; barfing forever.

The cringeworthy moment happened when Kimberly pulled a Kanye and yanked the mic away from her boyfriend during the campaign fundraiser portion of the event. Some cursed attendee posted a (now deleted) video on Facebook that showed her gleefully saying, “Move over big daddy, mama’s here” to stilted laughter. Yiiiikes.

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