Kim Kardashian & Kanye West 'Finally Feel Like They Are On The Same Page' As High-Profile Divorce Moves On

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue to be cool with each other — cool enough to have lunch together one-on-one this past weekend out in Malibu by the beach.

That doesn’t mean they’re getting back together, of course, and the divorce is still very much moving forward, but it does mean these two mega-stars are on the “same page” about doing what’s best for their kids now half a year into their split.

A source popped up on Monday night revealing more about that dynamic, in fact. Speaking to E! News about the estranged couple and their increasingly smooth co-parenting skills, the insider shared (below):

“ finally feel like they are on the same page. They are truly enjoying each other’s company and want to catch up from time to time. The tension has subsided and they are good friends now.”


Kanye’s behavior can be unpredictable at times, and that coupled with a high-profile divorce and a media-hungry extended family, it was anyone’s guess what was going to happen as these two split up. But the controversies have been kept to a minimum — and they’ve each gone out of their way to support the other one’s projects and career aspirations!

Speaking of that give-and-take dynamic they’ve got going on, the Chicago-born rapper and the El Lay-born socialite must have realized early on that they are stronger as a united front, because DAMN! They are proving time and again that they still work well together even after the romance has fizzled. These two sure do have good minds for business…

All through the years so far, they’ve kept close and had each other’s backs no matter what:

“Kim has been very supportive of Kanye’s new album and he appreciates it. He’s shared his music and ideas with Kim from the start. And she appreciates his creativity and even asks his opinion for her brands. They like to meet to bounce ideas off of each other and see how each other are doing.”

Hey, whatever works, right?!

Family, friendship, and functionality — that’s where the ex-couple’s relationship is currently, and it seems to be where it might stay in the future as children North, 8, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 2, continue to grow up and need both parents around along the way. From the insider:

“They really love each other as friends. It’s all working out nicely and they are happy they can do things together as a big family now, instead of keeping it separate. They both want the kids to be in a healthy situation.”

And that’s what it’s all about — making sure the kids now have two happy, healthy places to call home! What do U make of this smooth divorce path, Perezcious readers?! Not even gonna lie about this one, we were pretty openly skeptical early on that things would go this well. And yet here we are six months later, and it’s… drama-free.

Will it stay this way? Is it too good to be true?! Sound OFF with your take on this unexpected divorce dynamic down in the comments (below)…!

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