Kerry Katona defends Katie Price after ‘dangerous’ parenting error over video of Bunny

Kerry Katona has defended Katie Price after she came under fire from fans who warned her about a "dangerous" parenting error involving a video of her daughter Bunny.

In the TikTok video, which Katie has now deleted, Bunny, eight, can be seen sucking on a lollipop as Katie, 44, captioned the post: "ASMR". Many followers rushed to warn her of the dangers of posting such a video online. Now, Kerry, 41, has stuck up for her pal, saying, "It was obviously just a really innocent video of her daughter, and it’s sad, and totally wrong, that it can be perceived otherwise." Sign up – for free – to see what else Kerry has to say!

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Stranger danger

Katie Price was forced to delete a TikTok video of her eight-year-old daughter Bunny licking a lollipop after fans warned her about “creeps” online. The clip was captioned “ASMR” (autonomous sensory meridian response), which is something my kids like to listen to before they go to sleep at night.

You do have to be careful when it comes to posting your kids online because you don’t know who’s watching. It’s always in the back of my mind. It was obviously just a really innocent video of her daughter, and it’s sad, and totally wrong, that it can be perceived otherwise. Katie will have posted that thinking it’s completely harmless as it’s just a cute video of Bunny.

Keeping the kids busy

I’ve relaunched my YouTube channel and the first video I’ve posted is about my breast reduction, which I had in May. There were some headlines saying I’ve had another breast reduction, but just for the record, I haven’t! It’s the same one from three months ago.

I’ll also be filming lots of family content again. Me and Ryan took the kids to Blackpool last week for a day out. Blackpool is so nostalgic for me. My Max is going down to London to spend three weeks with Ryan’s brother and dad. He’ll be working on a building site and getting £50 a day for it. I think it’s so important for my kids to make their own money.

Bumping into Denise

I bumped into Denise Welch in Waitrose last week, which was such a lovely surprise. I know Denise because her son Louis was in the same class at school as Molly. I used to see her ex-husband Tim Healy at parents’ evening!

It was great to have a catch up with Denise down the aisle. Someone made a comment on my Instagram post about how it’s nice to see that I can shop in Waitrose. So I made a jokey comment back, saying I’m banned from Iceland. It did make me chuckle that it made the headlines. I think Iceland are daft not to have me back on their adverts! Especially in this current cost of living crisis.

Not my cup of tea

Kate Moss is launching a new wellness brand called Cosmoss and is charging £21 for a box of teabags. Wow. I hope they make you sh** gold for that price! £21 for a bloody cup of tea?! That’s ridiculous. I guess some people are willing to pay that. It might get a few sales in Notting Hill. I really like Kate – I think she’s really cool. I love you Kate, but I won’t be buying your teabags. But if you want to send me any for a bit of promo, feel free!

Scarlett looks fab

Scarlett Moffatt has hit back after a pap took pictures of her in a swimsuit while she was on holiday. She said she’s not “ashamed of her body” and is “living her best life”– and I think that’s the best way to deal with it. Scarlett has opened up about body confidence in the past, so I think it’s wrong of the pap to do that. Just leave her alone and let her enjoy her holiday.


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