Kelly Rowland Calls Ruining Beyonce's Gender Reveal The 'Worst Moment Ever'

During her appearance on a recent episode of the “Yeah, I F–ked That Up” podcast, Kelly Rowland said the biggest mistake she ever made during an interview was revealing the gender of Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s child.

Responding to host Billy Mann‘s question about her worst moment ever, Rowland said she accidentally revealed in an interview with Bang Showbiz in 2011 that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were expecting a baby girl.

She said she mentioned that Jay-Z was “going to buy that little girl every single thing possible,” and added that the baby wouldn’t “be spoiled but she will be very well looked after.”

“Oh my God. When I made a mistake and told the sex of [Beyonce]’s baby when she was pregnant with Blue [Ivy],” Rowland shared. “That was the worst moment ever. The worst moment ever.”

“It was bad because it was no one’s business,” she added. “I felt terrible because it’s not my news. It was honestly the worst. It wasn’t my news to share, and I didn’t mean it like that. The ‘she’ just kind of slipped out.”

(Photo: Eva Rinaldi)

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