Kate Middleton ‘Devastated’ By Tell-All Book Revealing Meghan Markle Feud Details

Kate Middleton hasn’t exactly been enjoying the recent spotlight given to her with the bombshell new tell-all Finding Freedom.

The book, written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, is set to be released next week, and yet based on early conversations with both authors and other excerpts of juicy little tidbits, it feels like we’ve read a big chunk of it already! Unfortunately so for Kate, too, because the English-speaking world continues to take MAJOR interest in its chronicling of her behind-the-scenes feud with Meghan Markle, and the broader rifts deepening daily within the royal family.

Now, as the tell-all lays bare the significant feud and current controversy between the family and outcasts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Kate has reportedly been left “devastated” over her perceived role in the situation.

That note comes from royal family author Andrew Morton, who revealed on Monday to New Idea how much the 38-year-old mom of three is struggling right now. Acknowledging the feud within the family, and the tell-all book’s role in bringing it out into the public square, Morton said of Middleton:

“There’s no doubt the rift between Harry and William has deeply affected Kate. It upsets her.”

Morton also noted how through it all, the Duchess has “definitely sided with her husband,” while acting as a “loyal wife” despite “spilt blood on both sides.” We’d be surprised if that didn’t continue, of course, but it’s interesting to see that bond may have come at the expense of keeping the royal family together.

Fellow royal expert Phil Dampier also spoke to the outlet about the bombshell book, though he focused his concern far more on the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, admitting the tell-all would “do little to heal the relationship” between the two brothers.

Added Dampier:

“I’m told that the pair are speaking at the moment, but the conversations are stilted and difficult … It’s just a very sad situation. have gone their separate ways.”


Sounds like two simultaneous separations here: one between Meghan and Kate, and a second, deeper chasm affecting the formerly-tight royal brothers. Both battles — plus the timing of the release of Finding Freedom — could “spark a fresh rift” within the broader royal family, those same insiders fear.

The book is especially concerning in that regard, because as Dampier pointed out to New Idea, the royal family so far has revealed no public threat of a lawsuit against the authors. For the noted royal expert, that means more weight ought to be given to the material within the book, or else the Palace would’ve presumably fought harder against its publication:

“They are quick to sue newspapers and paparazzi photographers. So if they don’t condemn the content, we can assume they have no problem with the narrative.”

Inneresting… For now, Meghan and Harry are content living halfway around the world as they continue to crash in Tyler Perry‘s Los Angeles mega-mansion. But how long can they keep running from their problems — and their (formerly) close counterparts Kate and William?! And will they ever find freedom, as the tell-all’s titillating title suggests??

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