Kanye West gives Chicago mayoral candidate $73K toward race

Kanye West is getting involved in the Chicago mayoral election. He reached deep into his pockets and gave candidate Amara Enyia a whopping $73,540 toward her campaign.

Speaking with TMZ, Enyia said the surprise donation erased her debt with the Illinois State Board of Elections, thus allowing her to officially be on the ballot come election day on Feb. 26, 2019. West was also spotted at her campaign rally on Monday, alongside Chance the Rapper.

“Kanye is adopting and endorsing our platform,” she told the website. “So it’s not the other way around. He has seen a platform that resonates with him, with what he wants to see for his hometown. And he believes our campaign is what the city of Chicago needs.”

Enyia added she’s been very clear on her stance on local and national issues.

“We think that anyone who wants to give back and make Chicago better, we should open the door for that,” Enyia said.

In recent weeks, West, who has repeatedly voiced his support for President Donald Trump, has spent an increasing amount of time in Chicago. He’s also announced he plans to move back there.

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