Justin Bieber Rode a Scooter to Meet His Wife For Lunch … But Hailey Baldwin’s Pajama Look Makes People Speculate

Justin Bieber was spotted riding a scooter to meet up with his wife Hailey Baldwin for lunch yesterday in Los Angeles. Seeing Justin navigating LA on an electric scooter might have seemed a little unusual-looking, but it was what Hailey was wearing when leaving the restaurant that has people speculating. 

Hailey was captured leaving the restaurant with Justin wearing very loose-fitting, dark green pajamas of some velvety-looking material. Hailey typically wears either very tight fitting clothes, or sometimes combinations of tight and baggier athleisurewear or sweats – but rarely has she appeared in public wearing something like the day pajamas that she was seen in yesterday afternoon.

The choice of super-comfy clothing has led to renewed speculation — without any real facts — that Hailey might be expecting.  That said, it did seem a little odd to see Hailey was walking around Southern California in an oversized set of dark day-pajamas on what seemed a very sunny and warm day …

You can take a look at two pap videos below and make up your own mind.

(Image source: Youtube)

Do you think Hailey is pregnant?

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