Julia Roberts’ Kids Want to Know If She’s More Famous Than Taylor Swift

Julie Roberts looks stunning on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar‘s November 2018 Daring issue, on newsstands October 23.

Here’s what the legendary actress had to share with the mag, where she was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey

On when her kids figured out that she is America’s beloved-sweetheart actress: “I don’t think they will ever have a true sense of that. I think I told you once when they were starting to figure it out, it was like, ‘You’re famous?’ And I said, ‘I think a lot of people might have seen the movie that I’m in or might know who I am.’ Maybe an hour goes by. ‘Are you more famous than Taylor Swift?’”

On keeping her kids away from false tabloid stories about her marriage: “Sometimes we are in the grocery store and I won’t even know something is out, but we’ll see a tabloid and we’ll all be standing there like, “Oh, that’s uncomfortable. This is really uncomfortable.” It can still hurt my feelings, because I’m so proud of my marriage. We just celebrated being married for 16 years this Fourth of July, and there’s so much happiness wrapped up in what we’ve found together. What I like is when they write, ‘the $150 million divorce,’ and then a week later a different tabloid says, ‘the $275 million divorce.” I’m like, ‘Well, somebody got a paycheck in the last week. This is getting good.’”

On why she decided to join Instagram: “Well, a few things. I think one of the things, obviously my kids were asking about it. “Why don’t you do that? That’d be cool.” … It’s definitely a balancing act, and it’s been tricky figuring out what to post because I am private, but I am also friendly… Although something did happen recently on my niece Emma [Roberts]’s Instagram that I think taught me a lot about what it’s like being a young person in today’s society. One weekend morning Emma slept over, and we got up and were having tea and playing cards and having this beautiful morning, and then a couple of days later she posted a picture of us. And the number of people who felt absolutely required to talk about how terrible I looked in the picture—that I’m not aging well, that I look like a man, why would she even post a picture like this when I look that terrible! And I was amazed at how that made me feel. I’m a 50-year-old woman and I know who I am, and still my feelings got hurt. I was sad that people couldn’t see the point of it, the sweetness of it, the absolute shining joy of that photo. I thought, ‘What if I was 15?’”

For more from Julia, visit HarpersBazaar.com.

FYI: Julia is wearing a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown on the cover.

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