Josh Duggar Child Molestation Victim 'Fought Him Off,' Testified Mother In Horrifying Unsealed Transcript

We completely understand if you’re over hearing anything about this case. Josh Duggar was found guilty on child pornography charges, and he’s unlikely to overturn that given the evidence presented at trial.

But the truth is we may never know the full extent of this man’s crimes. Every time he and his parents have come out with a confession about one of his scandals, the truth has always turned out to be worse than whatever he’s admitting to. So at this point we’re inclined to listen to the victims — and their parents — in our search for the truth.

In Touch magazine published that shocking police report in 2015, proving that Josh had admitted to molesting five younger girls back when he was 15 years old. When the Duggar family finally responded, they downplayed the event as being a family matter that they’d dealt with.

But it wasn’t just their family affected. And it wasn’t some one-off incident.

No, the molestations allegedly took place over the course of three years or so. As we told you during the trial, family friends Jim and Bobye Holt took the stand and gave a harrowing account we’d never heard before about Josh’s teenage confessions of molesting their daughters. We already heard some of the most shocking quotes from Bobye’s testimony both in a pretrial hearing and during the trial. But now the unsealed transcript has been released from that first hearing, and it just highlights how awful these alleged crimes were.

First off there’s the fact this seems to have happened many times. There was the first time Josh confessed in 2003, when he was 15 years old. He was “courting” the Holts’ daughter, the one that was the same age as he was. Bobye said, in the transcript obtained by The Sun, that she was called to the Duggar home where Josh confessed to “inappropriately touching” four of their girls (Jane Doe 1-4) in their genital area, one of whom has just been 4 years old at the time.

As you may recall, the police report listed five victims, and although they were unnamed, it noted that four of them were Josh’s own sisters. So this is a SEPARATE confession! This is crucial.

Jim Bob Duggar admitted, per the police report, that he first learned about the abuse of Josh’s sisters, back in 2002 — and chose to keep it secret, disciplining him at home. Which of course left him free to abuse the Holts’ daughters. And even after that, they went to the church, not the authorities. In fact, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar reportedly waited over a YEAR before finally going to the police. The investigation that we’ve heard so much about? That police report was from 2006.

OK, so back to Bobye. Shockingly, she admits, she allowed Josh to come back into her home and stay the night, even after the first confession. She explained in her testimony that Josh and her daughter “still liked each other” and “were hoping to still be married one day.” We guess they also believed in the power of the church to fix what was wrong with him? In any case he got into the house. With all the little girls.

In 2005, Bobye says, Josh admitted to her that he had once again tried to molest one of their daughters. But the little girl fought him off!

“He said that he went to as she was sleeping and that he was going up underneath her blankets to start to touch her and that she woke up and hit him.”

In fact, it was apparently only the fact the girl caught him that inspired Josh to admit — once again — that he was still victimizing little girls:

“He told me she snitched on him.”

Well, finally. Someone sticking up for the f**king victims. Too bad it took a small child. The question is, what else might he have done during that time period? What did he get away with??

So what happened when Bobye went back to the Duggars to tell them about this new confession?

“I went to tell Jim Bob and Michelle, but they said they didn’t want to hear it.”

Yep. There it is. Jim Bob knew longer than anyone. He kept it quiet. Once the 19 Kids and Counting stars decided they’d done enough, they brushed it off.

And when it did go to the authorities, a judge — who happened to have connections to Jim Bob’s pal Mike Huckabee — buried the report. We only know about any of this because of effing In Touch Weekly. Because some cop smelled a rat and leaked the report.

How much did Jim Bob cover up? And how many molestation victims could have been protected if he wasn’t prioritizing protecting his family name? His Christian brand?

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