JoJo Siwa Gets to Do This to Jenna Johnson If They Win ‘Dancing With The Stars’

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson have made a deal!

The two are partnered up as the first same sex couple on Dancing With The Stars and there’s one thing that the 18-year-old really wants to do to her partner.

In a post-performance interview, JoJo pointed out something about her dance partner…

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“She has this one lucky hair that I try to pluck all the time,” JoJo says in a video with Access, as she reaches for Jenna‘s chest.

“No! I have a lucky hair,” Jenna responds, pulling away. “So I have one chest hair, and it’s my lucky hair. I told her if we make it to the finale, you can pluck it. After the finale.”

“Okay, if we get eliminated, do I still get the hair after the elimination?” JoJo asked.

“That’s creepy but yes,” Jenna said. LOL!

In case you missed it, check out JoJo and Jenna‘s historic Dancing With The Stars debut and find out how they scored.

JoJo also told Access how it feels to make history on the show.

“It’s really honoring. Being on the show is just an honor in itself, making history on the show is an honor in itself, in any which way,” she said. “To make history in this way, of supporting the LGBTQ community, supporting myself, having Jenna supporting everybody. I mean, it’s just, for little kids who might feel like they’re a part of a family, a really awesome family that I happened to be apart of too. It just gives you a sense of like huh. Just a smile.”

“it just gives kids a little smile and nod, and I think that that’s really special,” she added.

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