Joel Schumacher’s Quotes About His Number of Sexual Partners Go Viral After His Death

Joel Schumacher, the director of such films as St. Elmo’s Fire and Batman Forever, has passed away and one of his interviews from last year is going viral on social media.

The 80-year-old filmmaker opened up about the number of sexual partners he’s had in his life and he said, “It would be in the double-digit thousands, but that is not unusual.”

“Double-digit thousands. You mean like 2,000 or 3,000?” Vulture‘s Andrew Goldman replied. Schumacher then said, “That’s not double digits, that’s single digits.” He then clarified that his number is around “10, or 20″ thousand.

Joel has been praised for helping erase the stigma for having many sexual partners. When the interviewer said that his number was “amazing,” he replied, “It’s not for a gay male, because it’s available.”

Other celebrities have been open about the number of sexual partners they’ve had as well.

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