Jinger Duggar: Fans Bash Her For Posting Pics Of Daughter, 3 Mos., In Controversial Head Wrap

Little Felicity’s turban may have gotten her parents accused of cultural appropriation in the past, but she’s still wearing it — and fans are still hating on it. See what they had to say!

Jinger Duggar, 24, and Jeremy Vuolo, 31, have been sharing sweet pics of their daughter since welcoming her three months ago, but she has her head covered up more often that not — and some Counting On fans have a big problem with that! The couple’s Instagram followers have had a problem with her different hair accessories for a variety of reasons, from calling her bows suffocation hazards and her turbans cultural appropriation, but that hasn’t stopped Jinger and Jeremy from dressing baby Felicity the way they want. Their little one most recently sported a pink turban in a new pic. And while a few social media users pointed out that it’s more common in African and Muslim cultures to wear wraps, many mom shamed Jinger simply for covering her daughter’s head so often.

In the sweet shot, Felicity was sporting a gray cardigan and striped skirt with her pink turban, while her friend Mollie had on a green dress and floral bonnet. The two teeny tots could not have been cuter, but many zeroed in on their statement headgear. “The kids are cute enough without decorating their heads,” one user wrote, while another added, “Young moms are going overboard with head wraps for their girls all the time.” Someone even compared Felicity to an “old lady” and said to “let that baby’s head out.” It’s unclear why so many fans of the reality star think it’s okay to tell Jinger how to dress her daughter, but the joke’s on them because she looked absolutely adorable in the pic. Just look at that smile!

One user speculated that maybe something was wrong with Felicity’s head because Jinger covers it up so often. But they clearly didn’t see the sweet father/daughter shot that the new mom posted a few days earlier. Her baby’s head was completely bare then — without even a single bow. And she’s perfect!

Felicity hanging out with her new friend Mollie.

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While Jinger has disabled comments on her baby’s pic in the past, it seems like she’s past caring what fans have to say about Felicity. Here’s to hoping she takes to heart all of the compliments scattered in among the mom shaming instead!

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