Jessie Paege Totally Switches Up Her Hairstyle!

Jessie Paege is back to pink hair!

The 19-year-old YouTuber chopped her locks and dyed them pink and we absolutely love it!

In a new YouTube video, Jessie explained that she’s been wanting to make the change for a long time and is so glad she finally did.

“I feel beautiful with my new hair :’) Pink hair was the first color I ever dyed my hair 3 years ago and it’s by far my favorite. I feel myself. The color resonates with me and feels comfortable. It’s like going back home. Although I loved having a natural color; I really feel beautiful with colored hair,” Jessie wrote on her Instagram.

She added, “My long hair was something I hid behind throughout my years turmoiled with social anxiety. I’d shrink into my hair. My yearbook photos always have my face concealed with stray hairs. I’m just so incredibly happy that I’m free of my safety net. I realized that short hair was what I wanted. I still had long hair for every reason, except that I adored it. I remember the first time I was enticed to get little strings for breast cancer after my mom was diagnosed and look at me!! A whole head of pink hair!! And it’s short!! Ya girl is thriving. Thank you all for listening to my words and supporting my choices that allow for me to be the most confident I can be. You’re truly the best ?”

Check out all that Jessie had to say about her hair in the video below…

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