Jeremy Clarkson and James May ignored Richard Hammond over new move

Richard Hammond discusses new comedy panel show 'Brain Reaction'

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Richard Hammond, 52, left his co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May “genuinely hurt”, as he admitted the former Top Gear presenters stopped talking to him briefly after he told them he had started playing golf. The pair gave him the silent treatment as they were offended by the revelation. 

However, The Grand Tour star jokingly confessed he felt “liberated” after opening up about his newfound passion. 

Richard told the Rick Shiels Golf Show podcast he had previously hated the sport, but later fell in love with it after exploring further when he was in the South of France with pals. 

He then went on to say he told his co-stars about his new interest, but they didn’t quite share his passion. 

Richard said: “Jeremy didn’t speak to me for a couple of days and was genuinely, genuinely hurt.”

He then cheekily joked: “I wish it had been longer.”

It comes not long after The Grand Tour showrunner, Andy Wilman, opened up on the tension between the stars while filming the Amazon Prime Video show. 

He explained the dynamic between the trio as like that of a band, rather than a group of friends. 

He told about the arguments that went on during the adventurous series, which involved James May suffering a 70mph crash.

The longtime collaborator with the trio explained the dynamic they share by saying: “Their relationship is intense and it’s more like a band.”

Richard, Jeremy, and James are currently entertaining fans with the latest instalment of the show, The Grand Tour: A Skandi Flick. 

Andy said: “They bicker and do think things differently and so on, because they are so much part of it.

“So they have fallouts and then they come back together, and so on and so on.”

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Andy has been working with the trio since Top Gear’s meteoric rise in 2002.

Due to the length of time the team have known each other, Andy joked their advancing years may also contribute to the tensions.

He added: “There’s a bit of age creeping in now, James was taking longer to get out of the hotel and they were like ‘Jesus, what is he doing now?'”

But despite the odd fallout and bickering, he believes they will continue to work together on TV projects well into their last years.

Andy quipped: “I can see when they’re in an old people’s home in about 15 years what it will be like, you get the signs of it.

“They will be bickering or just concentrating on separate, small things, but their relationship is still fully there.”

The showrunner also insisted that despite the challenges of filming together for long days, they were still close.

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