Jenny Ryan: The Chase star addresses ‘division’ between colleagues ‘We’re feeling tired’

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Jenny Ryan, 38, has spoken out ahead of the second series of Beat The Chasers and revealed that despite social distancing restrictions the format on the show will stay the same. The five Chasers will still be able to work in close proximity to each other, without having screens between them, after relentless swab tests.

They’re both very different

Jenny Ryan

The spin-off show will see them team up once more to take on individual contestants.

Jenny revealed that she in some ways prefers it to The Chase, as it means the Chasers can “divide” the pressure between them.

She said: “They’re both enjoyable and they’re both very different. 

“When we’re doing the daytime show, obviously all the pressure is on the one Chaser so you feel very focused, whereas when we’re doing Beat the Chasers, the pressure is sort of divided between us all a little bit so we can take a little bit of slack for each other if we’re feeling tired.”

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The Vixen admitted that it can also be “exhausting” at times to work with her like-minded colleagues.

She continued to Radio Times: “But it’s also quite exhausting because there’s five really big personalities up there.

 “It gets quite tiring after a little while to be part of that and the relentless quizzing as well.”

However the star is glad that they could all work closely in a COVID compliant manner, so they could play as a “proper team”.

Jenny has worked on quizzes from an early age and was recommended to The Chase producers by the other Chasers.

She first joined The Chase back in 2015 and her nickname “The Vixen” was chosen after she wore leopard print for the show.

It comes as Jenny recently decided to confront one ITV viewer on Twitter after they told her she was the “worst” Chaser and “weakest” quizzer on the programme. 

The quizzing genius addressed their “cruel” comment and admitted how she is “fed up” of it all.

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”Jenny from The Chase is the worst out of them all honestly, “ wrote the troll.

“#thechase obviously she’s smart and knows a lot of stuff, but compared to the rest, she’s the weakest out of the bunch @jenlion,” they added.

It wasn’t long before Jenny saw their remark and decided to express her thoughts, in view of her 79,000 Twitter followers.

Sharing their cruel comment onto her profile, she added: “Y’all are entitled to an opinion (even if it’s not entirely correct) but tagging the subject is just deliberately trying to be cruel. (sic)

“And anyway, if the worst you can say is that I’m in the top 6 UK Chasers, that’s still a pretty amazing achievement. Go me!” (sic)

Meanwhile, the quizzer recently sparked a frenzy after she unveiled her real name, which hadn’t been revealed before.

Alongside a snap of her dissertation, Jenny shared on Twitter: “Found my dissertation lads,” which featured her full name, Jenny Alexis Ryan, on the front cover of her work.

One fan penned: “What a gorgeous middle name!” while another commented: “’Alexis Ryan’ is easily one of the best spy names I’ve ever heard.”

Beat The Chasers returns Sunday, January 3 at 9pm on ITV.

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