Jenny Ryan hits back at claims Covid rules could’ve broken during Beat The Chasers filming

Beat The Chasers: Jenny Ryan jokingly hits Paul Sinha

Beat The Chasers returned to ITV earlier this week with chasers Jenny Ryan, Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Paul Sinha and Shaun Wallace back in their hot seats to take on a new host of brave contestants who went up against two, three, four or five of the quizmasters to win life changing money. In the latest series, host Bradley Walsh is noticeably seen keeping a distance from the guests and the chasers are seen in their usual seats with a gap between them.

One intrigued viewer took to Twitter to query the chasers about their seating arrangement.

They wrote: “How are the Chasers allowed to sit so close to each other on #BeatTheChasers? Brad obviously keeps his distance from the contestants.”

Responding to this, Jenny, known as The Vixen on the show, wrote: “We are in a Close Contact Cohort as per the national guidelines for film & TV production.”

A cohort is a small number of people as possible who unavoidably need to be in close contact with each other.

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According to ITV, those a part of a Close Contact Cohort undergo PCR tests prior to arrival on set and during filming.

In response to Jenny’s reply, another commented: “But, what does that mean? Asking, because it does seem to be undoing sensible anti-virus measures.”

Hitting back, she said: “Do you really think we’d be flouting laws, guidelines and common sense on national television in front of millions?”

“Google ‘close contact cohort TV’ you’ll get a detailed explanation of what is involved.

“In short, we were subject to repeated testing before/during recording.”

The same Twitter user went on to say he had looked up the term and believes “productions have decided the virus doesn’t really apply to them”.

The Vixen star went on to brand the viewer’s tweet as “nonsense”, adding: “We are following guidelines drawn up by unions, production companies, networks and government. To the letter.”

She went on to clarify: “I was tested 5 days and 1 day before going into the studio, and then again in the middle of the week of filming.


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“This series took us about a week to record, and we all had three rounds of testing before/during…lotsa swabs,” she added.(sic)

Another Twitter queried why viewers of the show were querying the chasers about their concerns.

Jenny defiantly added: “It’s the Two Metre Police, who probably have a significant overlap with the Complaining About Repeats Brigade, so nothing will please them.”

Elsewhere, The Vixen recently spoke out about “frustrations” during filming for the show with her fellow chasers.

She revealed: “I think people noticed in the first series that I don’t really have a poker face. All my emotions get displayed on my face.”

So far this series, Mark has been seen hitting out at Shaun for taking too long in answering a question. He later ate his words and apologised out loud after failing to be quick enough with his response.

Jenny was also seen giving Paul a nudge after he said a wrong answer in an intense round with a contestant.

“I hope that viewers recognised that it’s just a passing thing.

“It’s just a momentary frustration and we’re all friends at the end of it,” she added.

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