Jennifer Love Hewitt Thought She Was ‘Going to Kill National Treasure’ Betty White During ‘Super Drunk’ Night Out!

Jennifer Love Hewitt is recalling a wild night out with Betty White!

While appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show, the 41-year-old I Know What You Did Last Summer actress chatted about some of the 99-year-old TV icon’s “favorite” things.

“Pizza and vodka are her favorites,” Jennifer revealed. “She also loves hot dogs and she cheats at Scrabble horribly, but she’s Betty White so you just let her win.”

Jennifer then went on to recall her “super drunk” night out with Betty.

“One of the only times that I’ve been like super drunk was with Betty in public and she veered off into a bush and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh I’m going to kill the national treasure Betty White,’” Jennifer shared. “And then she loves to end her nights with you by eating gummy bears.”

“She’s everything you want her to be, she’s the best and I just love her to pieces,” Jennifer gushed.

Last month, Betty shared her hilarious plans to celebrate her 99th birthday!

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