Jennifer Garner Hilariously Shares 1st Kiss Story: ‘He Broke Up With Me The Next Day’

Jennifer Garner, 49, shared her hilariously awkward first kiss story, revealing that although the lucky guy ‘broke up with me the next day,’ it’s still a ‘badge’ she wears ‘proudly.’

It seems Jennifer Garner, 49, is one to kiss and tell…that is if it serves hilarious purposes. At a celebration at Harvard University, where Jen was honored by well-known Harvard theatre troupe Hasty Pudding Theatricals as their ‘Woman of the Year’, the actress revealed her first kiss didn’t exactly stick around to see it through. In fact, Jen revealed with a laugh that, after the kiss, “he broke up with me the next day.” However, Jen also shared she feels far from embarrassed by the turn of events, explaining they’re a “badge I’ve worn proudly ever since.”

Jen opened up about the awkward story after the Hasty Pudding Theatrical’s poked fun at her by requiring her to answer, awkward and silly questions as a nod to her film Yes Day. Jen had no problem joining in on the fun, answering a question about her first kiss proudly and even name-dropping her suitor.”It was a guy named Matt Crittenden,” Jen revealed. He tried to go further than a kiss, and I swatted it away. He broke up with me the next day because he said I was a prude, which was a badge I’ve worn proudly ever since.”

On top of recounting her love life and donning a golden medal, Jen was also celebrated with a parade in Harvard Square, where she posed happily with groups of kids and did the can-can with a group of Hasty Pudding members in drag. She also enjoyed a lunch with students at Harvest in Harvard Square, where the general manager told People she was “super nice, and made sure to stop and say goodbye to staff on the way out.”

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One thing Jen regretted about the special day? Not bringing along kids Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9, all of whom she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck, 49. However, Jen revealed part of their absence boils down to a simple reason: they’re “very much kids who go to school.” According to Jen, Violet had a full day of school followed by a debate tournament on the day of the ceremony. “Now, I so badly wish she was here!” Jen lamented. “I’m kind of a geek of a mom in that way.” However many “geek” moments Jen encounters, from first kisses to motherhood, her honor of ‘Woman of the Year’ is beyond deserved.



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