Jennifer Connelly Reveals She Took Husband Paul Bettany to Vote for the First Time

Jennifer Connelly is opening up about taking her husband Paul Bettany to vote for the first time!

The actress discussed Paul‘s first time at the polls in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (February 24) night.

“I was his first,” she joked. “I was officially his first and in a season of few excursions, I think it kind of qualifies as a hot date.”

“It was great, it was a momentous election and what an election to start with as a new American citizen,” Jennifer continued. “As soon as we got home, the kids took the [I Voted] stickers!”

She also revealed how she and the Wandavision actor were spending their time in quarantine with their two children, Stellan, 17, and Agnes, 9.

“We’re trying to find creative ways to spend time in our house,” Jennifer said. “Paul has been gardening in the basement with Agnes.”

“I too, have a basement project. The kids and I turn the basement into a roller disco,” she added. “We have oscillating lights and so many multicolored hanging string lights with stars.”

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