Jenelle Evans: Stop Calling Me Racist Just Because I Say Racist Things!

Jenelle Evans has said and done some pretty awful things.

It’s pretty much her entire claim to fame, besides that whole teen pregnancy thing.

Over the years, she’s offended so many groups of people — like remember when she told Nathan Griffith’s brother that she wished he would have died in combat?

Or how about when she mocked not one but two of her boyfriends on two separate occasions for allegedly being victims of child molestation?

Then, of course, there’s the racism.

Goodness gracious, is there racism …

Any time the topic of Jenelle being racist comes up, she’s quick to insist that she isn’t at all and never has been, but a lot of people just don’t believe that, and that’s for a lot of reasons.

One is that she’s married to David Eason, a man who has been much more open about his bigotry — he’s even made posts about white supremacy — and who would be married to a man like that if they didn’t share those same ideals?

Another reason is that she’s hopped on quite a few racist trends in the past.

For example, remember last year when Dr. Seuss’ estate pulled a few books for blatantly racist imagery and a lot of people pretended to be Seuss superfans who were morally outraged by that when really it just hurt their feelings that old racist pictures were officially considered inappropriate?

Yeah, she was one of those.

There was also that time that she called Kieffer Delp the N word, so there’s that.

A big thing that tipped off a lot of Teen Mom fans to Jenelle’s backwards beliefs was her reaction to Nike’s decision to work with Colin Kaepernick after he started getting a lot of attention for kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games as a way to peacefully protest the racial inequality in America.

Who has a problem with a peaceful protest against racism?

Racists, that’s who.

She made a post on her personal Facebook page about this — the Jenelle Eason page, the one where she shares personal photos and memes and replies to comments, not the Jenelle Evans page that posts clickbait.

In that post, she mocked Nike, writing “Let’s choose the most disrespected guy in the NFL for our promos. Let’s add a slogan about sacrificing, everyone will love it. Let’s chose the man that kneels at our flag.”

And in case you couldn’t tell she was mocking those decisions, she added “YOU’RE WRONG.”

She said she wouldn’t be purchasing anything from the brand anymore, and that they should fire their PR person for making the decision to work with Kaepernick.

But here’s the fun part — Nessa, the woman who cohosts the Teen Mom reunions with Dr. Drew, has actually been dating Colin Kaepernick since 2015.

So when that season’s reunion came around, she had some things to say to Jenelle, who immediately started crying and denying ever saying anything about Colin Kaepernick — she even claimed that she didn’t even know who he is.

That’s a lot of background, we know, but it’s important to understand what’s happening now, which is essentially that Jenelle is getting roasted on TikTok for being racist and she thinks it’s super unfair.

Earlier this month, she was asked to address the situation once again, and she repeated that she’s not racist, she doesn’t know who this Colin fellow is, and MTV just tried to make her look bad.

But it seems like this weekend, Jenelle was browsing through the comments on that video, and she came across one that simply read “White tears.”

And boy, did she not appreciate that.

She made an entire video replying to that comment in which she said “For you to make this about race … this had nothing to do with race and for you to sit there and say ‘white tears’ is pretty racist in my opinion.”

“And anyone else who wants to refer to women or any person in this world by their race, to define their tears?

“Like, I don’t get that,” she laughed. “Can you define the word ‘white tears’ and what you mean by that? Because I’m pretty sure if I said ‘black tears’ you would be very offended.”

It’s all dumb because “white tears” is an established phrase for something that Jenelle has taken advantage of all her life — she does something wrong, she cries, she gets out of trouble, and people who aren’t white most likely wouldn’t be so lucky.

But as always, the comment section was where she really doubled down on the buffoonery.

In one reply, she claimed that the term “pushes white people away and makes them offended,” and in another she insisted that she doesn’t use any terms “that would offend people’s race.”

She cried that she was “racially offended” by the term, which is laughable.

“When and where did I make racist comments?” she asked her followers. “David is NOT racist. Our closest friends and neighbors are black. We live in a solely black neighborhood.”

Oh yes, the classic “I have black friends so I can’t be racist,” only made more powerful by the “black neighbors” tidbit.

Finally, when someone took the time to genuinely explain the term to her by saying that it’s “a phrase used to describe when white Karens do something racist or privileged and then cry when people call them out on it,” she went and topped herself.

“Which is racist and the term Karen is also racist,” she replied. “There is no positive way to use those terms.”

Again, it’s just. So. Dumb. 

Jenelle Evans, of all people, trying to educate anyone about racism is ridiculous, but the fact that she’s trying to say these comments are racist?

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