Jelly Belly Founder Is Giving Away A CANDY FACTORY Just Like Willy Wonka!!

Move over, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, because this real-life scavenger hunt is coming for you!

The inventor of the world-famous Jelly Belly jelly bean candy is holding a series of “golden ticket treasure hunts” set out all across the United States, with thousands of dollars in cash up for grabs! And the BIG winner of The Gold Ticket gets a really wild gift: a key to their very own candy factory! Whoa!!!

Creator David Klein (pictured above) is set to retire soon, and so he’s going out bang. He first made the announcement online late last month from his home in northern California, where Jelly Belly first launched all the way back in 1976. Now, news outlets across the country are taking note as Klein prepares to kick off the “boots on the ground treasure hunt” for anybody and everybody in the United States that wants to play!!

Playing isn’t free — those who sign up need to pay almost $50 to receive their state’s “riddle” and a code to begin the game — but once you’re in, you can search high and low, anywhere you like! The Gold Ticket comes in the form of a gold necklace with a chain and a tag where there’s a code, which when you enter it on their website online, BAM! You just won your state’s hidden $5,000!

Not bad, huh?! Sort of like the old Pokémon Go craze with everybody walking around parks and public spaces, only now it seems like they’ll all be turning over every rock and stone looking for that golden necklace!

Oh, and about that BIG prize?! Hidden somewhere across the vast United States is one special golden chain and tag that includes a very specific key. That key opens the door to one of Klein’s “Candyman Kitchens” down in Florida. Find the special chain with the key, and the candy-producing factory is yours. For life. Ahhh-mazing!!!

Leave it to the guy behind Jelly Belly to reopen the country! LOLz!!!

Klein talked more about the game in a recent video message posted to YouTube (below), in which he also explained how tickets have already been hidden all across the United States in anticipation of having people head out to look:


There you go, Perezcious readers! What are you waiting for?! There’s big money — AND A FREAKIN’ CANDY FACTORY — to be had!!!

Seems like the perfect thing at the perfect time to come along and get us all moving again after a ridiculously bad (and slow, and boring, and super-quarantined) 2020! Just practice safe social-distancing while you’re out searching for your gold!

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