Jana Duggar accused of photoshopping clothing on girls featured in her Instagram photo

Jana Duggar is back home in Arkansas after spending time with Jinger Duggar in California. While some fans were hoping the eldest Duggar daughter would make the West Coast her permanent home, it doesn’t look like that will happen.

Now that Jana Duggar has Instagram, she has opened up her life in a new way. She is constantly sharing photos of the adventures she goes on, some of which garner a lot of attention. Jana has always been creative and her passion comes out in almost everything she does.

Recently, Jana visited the grape festival in Tontitown. It appears to be a big deal and draws quite a crowd. In her post, she shared photos of herself in front of some of the carnival rides. Jana holding grapes in her hands while looking like she was staring off in wonder.

What is wrong with a photo like that? Well, Jana Duggar is being accused of photoshopping some more modest clothing on two women or girls who were standing behind her near the carnival rides. If she did photoshop longer shorts onto the women, Jana missed the teen or child behind her giving her the finger and pulling up his shirt.

The comments on the photo range from praising Jana Duggar to roasting her. The Duggar family values insist on modest clothing. She and her sisters were always in long dresses or long skirts. They were never in shorts or wearing pants at all. It is interesting to note that it was important enough for her to only share the photo if the females were covered up.

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