Jacob Elordi Reveals What It Was Like Getting Measured For a Wax Figure

Jacob Elordi is opening up about his experience of getting measured and fitted for a Madame Tussauds wax figure!

The 24-year-old Euphoria actor revealed what it was like while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and host Jimmy said that it was not the same kind of experience for him.

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If you didn’t know, Jacob has a wax figure at Madame Tussauds Sydney in Australia.

“I went through the process [already], and it was strange. The strangest thing is their shirts that the crew wear say like, ‘paparazzi,’ and like, ‘celebrity.’ So that was the strangest thing for me,” Jacob shared.

“You got all these cameras in front of you and you got all these little dots on your face. It looks like behind-the-scenes of Planet of the Apes, and then people in these shirts that say like ‘paparazzi’ and ‘celebrity.’ It was peculiar,” he continued.

“Really? I didn’t see that [on mine],” Jimmy responded, jokingly adding, “I don’t know if you have legit people doing it.”

Jacob also dished on the second season premiere of Euphoria and what happened to his character in the episode.

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