Jack P Shepherd: Coronation Street actor details fight with girlfriend ‘She destroyed it’

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Jack P Shepherd, 32, revealed that he and his long-term love Hanni Treweek, 31, rarely argue, however, there was one incident during lockdown that made him “upset”. The Coronation Street actor has recalled the moment that she accidentally “destroyed” his Taj Mahal sculpture, that he had spent hours making out of 26,000 pieces of Lego.

Hanni destroyed it

Jack P Shepherd

Jack revealed of their lockdown bliss: “We didn’t have any fights – well, aside from when I built The Taj Mahal out of Lego. It was 26,000 pieces and it took 21 hours and Hanni destroyed it.”

Hanni interjected: “I didn’t do it on purpose. It shattered when we were moving it. 

“He can’t even look at the Lego box now as it makes him upset. 

“Our lives were so fast-paced and we didn’t spend enough time together, so it was really nice to slow down,” she added to OK! Magazine.

Jack and Hanni have been together for three years and recently celebrated their anniversary.

The couple first met when Hanni worked in the script department of the ITV soap.

“We met at Corrie but we only really knew each other to say hello to at work,” Jack shared.

Later on, they bumped into each other once more at a mutual friend’s wedding.

Jack explained: “We got chatting, I made Hanni laugh, we had a couple of drinks and we flirted. That was it.” 

That was until the pair bumped into each other at Sainsbury’s a while later.

“Hanni freaked out as she was wearing gym gear and thought she looked a state,” he added.

Hanni admitted: “I had no makeup on, bright red skin and my unwashed hair was in a bun on my head. I did the classic girl thing of getting embarrassed and left.”

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The pair fell for each other quickly but took things slowly for the sake of the actor’s children, Nyla, 11, and six-year-old Reuben, from his previous relationship with Lauren Shippey.

The Coronation Street star and Lauren were in a relationship from 2002 to 2017.

Lauren felt unhappy after reading the interview her ex gave to the publication, where he described their “blended family” during the recent lockdown.

Jack told the publication that he did not want to “risk” seeing his children at first, but he did FaceTime them and played “Zoom quizzes”. 

He added: ”It was lovely when we got back together. Then we had to start homeschooling and we’d all do Joe Wicks classes in the morning like everyone else!”

Lauren hit back by providing her side of the story and explained she has chosen to speak out claiming Jack is portraying a “false image of how he behaves”.

She said: “Jack didn’t see his children for almost four months! He hurt me emotionally quite a few times. 

“I always had his back and forgave him. I never ever planned to speak about our relationship but enough is enough,” she added to The Sun.

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