It's Halloween, B*tch! Here's How to Dress as Britney Spears This Year

It’s Halloween, B*tch! Here’s How to Dress as Britney Spears This Year

When it comes to celebrity Halloween costumes, there’s no better star to dress up as than Britney Spears. Not only has she supplied plenty of costume inspiration over the years, but she’s still giving us ways to channel her pop-star essence even today. While you could stay current, we have to admit that it’ll be way more fun to get a little ironic with it. After all, it’s never too late to get in on the “Baby One More Time” schoolgirl trend — let’s be honest, it’s pretty timeless — or re-create Brit’s look from her Circus tour or other iconic VMA performances. Pick one for yourself, or gather up a group of girlfriends to join in the fun. Scroll through now for 14 ways to channel Britney this year, then get to work, b*tch!

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