Ian Somerhalder Shuts Down ‘Legacies’ Appearance Once & For All

Ian Somerhalder is breaking hearts all over!

The 40-year-old actor is putting in the final word on whether or not he would reprise his The Vampire Diaries role of Damon Salvatore on the latest spin-off Legacies.

“He’s not alive … Damon is dead. That’s how he finds Stefan. He became human, and then he knocks on the door and he goes home. Now he’s with his brother,” he told TV Guide.

While Ian wouldn’t appear on screen, he has expressed interest in following in Paul Wesley‘s footsteps and would love to direct an episode.

“I do know that when Paul went to direct Legacies, he sent me this video message like, ‘Whoa bro, this is insane,” Ian added. “Because they have the same set. They have our old set and stuff. It’s just like a time warp.”

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