Haunting Emergency Audio from Astroworld Fest Shows Chaos, Desperation

First responders were desperate to get Travis Scott fans help, even calling for the show to end in order to help those needing serious medical attention … and you can hear the urgency in their radio communications that night.

Several audio clips have surfaced online of Houston Police officers and other medical personnel addressing the issues of crowd crushing, fans passing out and even structural issues during Scott’s performance. Things are clearly dire, as one voice says, “… folks are coming out of the crowd complaining of difficulty breathing.”

During another radio transmission, emergency workers can be heard saying, “… a lot of people trampled and passed out at the front of the stage.”

While the audio doesn’t make it clear exactly what time all of this was happening, one thing is certain … authorities knew things were bad. In fact, at one point they flat out say, “They have to stop the show because there’s people trampled and (inaudible) not breathing.”

Of course, the major question now — apart from how 9 people died — is where the communication broke down between emergency responders and show organizers.

TMZ broke the story, Houston PD officers were spotted taking cellphone video and photos of Travis and Drake as the rappers hyped up the crowd.

According to the timestamps, the officers were seen calmly watching Travis perform between 9:57 PM and 10:02 PM.

The Houston Fire Chief has said the event was declared a “mass casualty” event at 9:38 PM … so it’s impossible to imagine Travis would have been aware of the severity of what was unfolding in the crowd if the police apparently didn’t know either.

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