Harry Styles Was The First Person To Know About Nick Kroll & Lily Kwong’s Engagement

Nick Kroll is opening up about his recent wedding to Lily Kwong.

The 42-year-old Big Mouth star chatted with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and revealed that Harry Styles was actually the first person to know about the engagement.

After explaining that he had shared his plans to propose to Lily with his Don’t Worry Darling cast – Olivia Wilde, Harry and Florence PughNick shared that after getting their advice on the proposal, he went with hiding the engagement ring and a bouquet of flowers in a moving box at the couple’s home.

Lily said yes, after she had discovered the ring. However, Harry‘s involvement in the engagement wasn’t over.

“We were getting ready to call our parents and take a picture and all that stuff, and Harry Styles texted me to be like, ‘Have you done it yet? What’s going on?’” Nick recalled. “So Harry Styles was the first person to know that we were getting married, before my parents, before Lily’s parents, before anybody. Harry was the first person to know, and he gave us his blessing, and it meant the world.”

Harry was then involved even more with their intimate wedding.

“When we got married in Big Sur, he sent us a huge bouquet of flowers,” Nick shared. “Just so lovely and kind…he doesn’t know this yet, but he is now going to be the guardian of all of our children.”

Nick and Lily are currently expecting their first child together.

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