Harry Styles Joins Fans for Private Spotify ‘Fine Line’ Listening Party in LA

Harry Styles is celebrating his new album!

The 25-year-old “Watermelon Sugar” singer attended a private Spotify listening party on Wednesday night (December 11) in Los Angeles.

During the event, fans were transported to the magical land of Eroda, a fictional destination.

Led by seafaring guides, and dressed in signature Eroda-branded raincoats, guests made their way through a secret gate entrance that opened up to the venue where they were treated to a custom recreation of the mythical seaside world.

The world included a painting gallery featuring replicas from the “Adore You” video, plus an exclusive Eroda postcard commemorating the event to take home. They also got to enjoy specialty cocktails and sashimi.

After touring the “Harry’s Little Blue Bedroom,” guests went to the “Fisherman’s Pub,” where they saw a marionette show set to “Adore You” with a voiceover by Rosalia. The puppet performance featured fables of Eroda. Suddenly, Harry appeared onstage and the fans screamed!

“I couldn’t be here without you. You gave me the environment I needed to create this,” he explained before launching the listening party.

“Don’t ruin it for everyone though, k?” he laughingly added of allowing the fans to hear the album first. He also confirmed all the attendees would get to go tickets to go to his show at The Forum.


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