Hailey Incorporated? Hailey Baldwin Trademarks Married Name Amid Reports She Rushed Justin Bieber to Marry

Hailey Baldwin has submitted the necessary paperwork to trademark her married name “Hailey Bieber,” as well as her maiden name “Hailey Baldwin” and “HRB3.” According to website TheBlast.com, which broke the story, the names are to be held by a corporation called “Rhodedeodato Corp” which itself is owned by Hailey – her middle name is “Rhode” and her mother’s maiden name is “Deodato.”

The names will be registered for the purpose of branding to making money in the area of fashion. The paperwork was apparently submitted on October 10th.

While Hailey’s specific purpose for wanting to quickly register the name “Hailey Bieber” for business right now is not yet known, it will surely confirm some fans’ suspicions who have felt that she has been consciously using her association with Justin to gain her own career objectives. They point to how she has consented to prominently show her massive diamond engagement ring from Justin Bieber in a couple of very desirable cover shoots (including one for a much sought after Vogue cover), which is very unusual for most fashion models.

She also has not hesitated to talk about her relationship, as she did in a piece written about her for Harper’s Bazaar in the summer and published just this month, which has been seen by some as a way for Hailey to use Justin’s name to get profiles written about her in top fashion magazines that might otherwise just treat her as another model. Interestingly, Justin has generally not wanted to speak about his relationships in the press.

The news of Hailey taking steps to monetize the “Hailey Bieber” name comes just as People reports that its sources confirm that the couple’s secret, “spontaneous” courthouse marriage was actually Hailey’s idea, and that she pushed Justin to do it. People‘s source says,

The city hall marriage was her idea. It was ‘you and me against the world … Let’s show everyone we’re serious and it’s not just some crazy fling.’”

Justin, who has in separate reports not seemed especially stable lately, ultimately went along with Hailey’s urging. And, if other articles are correct, he did so without a prenup. But People‘s sources make it clear that it was Hailey who “felt officially becoming husband and wife sooner rather than later” was the thing to do. Apparently, a big church wedding could wait till later, but getting legally married as soon as possible felt urgent to Hailey.

People‘s sources also say that while Hailey looks shy, supportive and just happy to be with Justin, the truth is different. She has been very deliberate in planning what she wants to accomplish, and she pushes Justin in the directions that she desires.

Hailey is a very bright girl. She’s not just blindly adoring Justin and doing whatever he wants … She’s wanted to be with Justin for a very long time.”

So the question for observers has to be, why was Hailey trying so hard to rush Justin into a legal marriage? And why the rush to trademark the “Hailey Bieber” name?

Right or wrong, it is hard not to be at least a little skeptical, and think that someone might have an agenda …

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