Hailey Bieber Steps Out with Justin After Opening Up About Their Skincare Journeys

Hailey Bieber is joined by her husband Justin while stepping out for dinner at Craig’s restaurant on Thursday (October 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 26-year-old singer was joined by members of his team earlier in the day for a photo shoot.

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Hailey opened up to Elle about how she helped Justin clear up his acne.

“When I went on birth control for the first time a few years ago, my skin totally changed. I’d never had any kind of acne before, whereas now I’ll get hormonal break outs from that. After Justin went on Accutane for his acne I helped him repair his skin. Weirdly when he was a teenager, which is when you’d think he might get acne, his skin was perfect and then suddenly it came out when he was an adult, so it’s something he’d never had to deal with before. I did a load of research about skincare for acne-prone skin for both of us,” she said.

Hailey added, “It’s funny because we have really similar skin types so a lot of the products that worked for me ended up working for him as well. The Accutane was super drying so I shared some of my own skincare products with him to help get all the moisture back into his skin and they worked really well. It’s about learning what works for your skin as it changes.”

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