‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jake Borelli Opens Up in First Cover Story Since Coming Out!

Jake Borelli is on the cover of Gay Times, out on newsstands globally on November 30.

Here’s what the 27-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star had to say…

On deciding to come out: “I admire people who run with the inner story of running authenticity and honesty, and I knew that at the beginning of my career, that I wanted to be one of those people. Now that I have this new platform, I was basically like, ‘You know what Jake? You have to be honest, you have to be authentic, you have to spread that.’”

On LGBTQ representation in the television industry:Grey’s has always been this iconic leader in representation and in the LGBTQ community in terms of representation, and it will continue to do that. I can’t imagine other tastemakers in the industry aren’t seeing this and aren’t getting super excited about it, do you know what I mean? We’re craving diversity and representation and different stories – stories that weren’t at the forefront of the narrative.”

On the Trump Administration: “The last handful of decades, the LGBTQ community has come so far and sacrificed so much to take such large steps forward, and I can’t thank the mentors and the generation above me for all the work they’ve done. In this day and age, we’re coming up against some pretty serious opposition that is trying to push us backwards. It’s a very important time to be pushing forward, especially because of all the men and women, and trans and queer and bisexual people who fought before us. We’re not just fighting for ourselves anymore, we’re fighting for all of the work that the generation did before us. We deserve the rights of everybody else, and we deserve to love the way that everybody else does.”

For more from Jake, visit GayTimes.co.uk.

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