FOX News Makeup Artist Sues On-Air Personalities for Sexual Discrimination

FOX News anchor Harris Faulkner and contributor Angela McGlowan are getting sued by a makeup artist at the channel for allegedly discriminating against him because he’s gay.

According to docs, Juan Legramandi claims McGlowan entered a green room in February 2018 and walked past him and another openly gay stylist — and said, “Ugh! It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah in here!”

Juan also claims in September 2017 he was doing Faulkner’s hair when a news story involving Hispanic women crossing the southern U.S. border came on a nearby TV. In the suit, obtained by TMZ, he says Faulkner launched into a xenophobic, anti-Latino tirade … which allegedly included the statement, “Hispanic women are so ignorant.”

He says he was shocked and told Faulkner, his mother is Hispanic and he’d been born in Colombia. He claims Faulkner responded, “Your family is from a third world country.”

Juan says he filed a complaint with Human Resources at FOX News but claims nothing was done.

After he filed that report, he claims, Jill Van Why — a senior production operations manager — told him, in June 2018, everyone is replaceable … which he took as a threat.

Juan says he was later fired — the lawsuit doesn’t mention the date — by Van Why and Marsheila Hayes, a VP of diversity and inclusion at FOX News.

He’s suing the 4 women, as well as the network, for sexual discrimination, ethnic discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, age discrimination and retaliation.

We’ve reached out to FOX News, but no response yet.

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