Floyd Mayweather Drops $2,000 on Mega Millions Lottery Tickets

Floyd Mayweather is proving you can never be too rich — ’cause the dude just dropped $2,000 on lottery tickets in the hopes of winning the $1 BILLION jackpot!!!

Floyd rolled into a 76 gas station in L.A. on Thursday and told the cashier to start ringing up the Mega Millions tickets. You can see the stack of orange tickets in his hand as he walked out with his bodyguard. 

The current jackpot is $1 BILLION — but if there’s a single winner and that person takes the lump sum, the take-home check would be about $565 million!!!

The drawing is set for Friday night — but if nobody wins, the prize will be carried over to next week where the estimated grand prize could be over $1.6 BILLION!!!

Good luck, everyone …  

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