First Dates waitress Cici Coleman reveals body transformation ‘I wasn’t eating enough’

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Cici Coleman has spoken candidly about her weight and mental health in view of her 128,000 Instagram followers. The First Dates favourite admitted she “wasn’t eating enough” as she detailed how her body has changed over the past four months.

Now when I look at it, I remember what a bad headspace I was in

Cici Coleman

The Channel 4 regular shared her secret as she uploaded two snaps of herself side-by-side in a bikini.

Wearing her blonde tresses down, she looked incredible in the black two-piece as she posed at home.

“These pictures are taken 4 months apart,” she started. “The one of the left I remember looking at and feeling good about the fact that I’d lost 2lbs.

“Now when I look at it, I remember what a bad headspace I was in and how stressed I was. I wasn’t eating enough and was just trying to get through the day without crying.”(sic)


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The television star continued and said how she’d “had a word” with herself and changed her habits.

She commented: “[I] started listening to lots of Oprah podcasts, I was meditating and got on top of my yoga practice.

“I completed my teaching training in Inferno Hot Pilates and spent time focusing on what I wanted around me and ‘who’ I wanted around me.”

Without going into specifics as to who she was referring to, Cici said the coronavirus pandemic stopped her in her tracks like much of the country.

She continued: “Then pow, that little s**t called Lockdown presented itself. It really poked at my mental state and seemed to test all the things I’d been working so hard on.

“Some days I wake up and wanna dance around my living room, other days I wanna faceplant the floor. Either way, it’s not a touch on how s****y I was feeling in the picture on the left.”

Cici admitted “moaning” to friends about not seeing a difference in herself, despite the work she’d been putting in.

She stated: “This week I’ve been moaning a bit to friends about how I’m not seeing any changes in my body even after all this working out, so I took my own advice that I give to my Hot Pilates Team and did a ‘before and after’.

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“I didn’t realise how scary it was, but equally invigorating. The picture on the right is me 3lbs heavier. I took this this morning. This is the result of taking six Hot Pilates classes a week for the last six weeks, along with a diet full of lockdown snacking (That fridge gets opened probably every hour).”

The First Dates hotel cast member added: “After seeing the above results my new goal is to get on top of my eating also, and then who knows what can be achieved. Second goal is to stop being such a p***y about putting up a bikini pic.

“Today. Why not jump out of your comfort zone today. You never know until you try @cici_hotpilates_infopage.”

She was immediately inundated with replies, with one user telling her: “Kudos for stepping out of that comfort zone and being brave enough to post the pics.


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“I definitely agree with some of the posts that talk about paying less attention to the scales and more to how you feel and look to yourself.”

Another person said: “Cici, so open and honest. Stunning in both shots btw.”(sic)

Meanwhile, just hours earlier, the star shared a close-up shot as she beamed at the camera while wowing in pink.

She explained: “Miss I washed and blowdried my hair in honour of you today. Might not be as good as you do it but I gave it a good fluff up.”

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