Figure Skater Ashley Wagner Calls Out News Article Regarding Her Sexual Assault Story

Ashley Wagner is calling out a news article concerning its coverage of her sexual assault experience.

The former Olympic figure skater took to social media on Friday (January 17) to share her thoughts.

“It wasn’t newsworthy because it wasn’t rape,” Ashley tweeted in response to the article link. “This is the problem. Right here. This coward who couldn’t even attach a name to the statement, this is the kind of ignorance that we are up against. Wake up. You’re on the wrong side of history bud.”

“It’s not newsworthy because I wasn’t raped,” she added on Instagram. “Really? This is where we are? USA Today published an article quoting an anonymous male skater who didn’t seem to understand why my story was relevant.”

“I detailed an extremely uncomfortable, traumatic and embarrassing experience in my life with the hope of helping out a future generation of athletes and I’m still having to justify that I was sexually assaulted!?” Ashley Wagner wrote. “SEXUAL ASSAULT IS SEXUAL ASSAULT. I cannot believe we are still having this same conversation. Be better. It’s LONG overdue. We should be so much further down this road of change and progress than we actually are. To any survivors out there, your words and experiences are valid, and I am so sorry we haven’t pushed this world to where it needs to get to yet. #metoo.”

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