Eyal Booker’s emotional reunion with girlfriend after accidental overdose

Love Island’sEyal Booker had an emotional reunion with his girlfriend Deliah Hamlin days after she opened up about her accidental overdose on prescriptive drugs.

Eyal, 26, who lives in London, flew out to LA to be with his girlfriend, after spending three months apart.

Delilah captured the special moment they reunited on her Instagram stories. In the emotional embrace, Eyal can be seen cradling her head with his eyes closed, as Delilah’s eyes are filled with tears and she leans into his chest with her arms tightly wrapped around his waist.

She captioned the heart-warming photo: "Haven’t seen each other in 3 months, this was the best feeling ever.”

Beforehand the Love Island star had teased his 800,000 followers that he was taking a trip with a photo of him on a plane. He put a poll over the photo to let fans guess where he was heading.

The reunion comes a few days after Delilah held an Instagram live on Wednesday and opened up about her recent health struggles with prescriptive drugs.

In the emotional video, the American model details how she got hooked on the anti-anxiety drug, Xanax, and how she believes that is connected to her COVID-19 vaccine.

The daughter of actors Lisa Rinna, 58 and Harry Hamlin, 70, claimed that she accidentally overdosed on Benadryl, while she was also taking beta blockers and as a result ended up in hospital.

Delilah believes that the vaccine caused autoimmune diseases already in her body to flare up. She was quick to add that she “in no way anti-vaxxer” but she still believes there was a correlation.

She said: 'I didn't realise that the vaccine would cause an autoimmune response in my body that basically flared up and triggered certain autoimmune diseases that I didn't know I had.'

Common side effects from the vaccine include tiredness, headaches, fear, chills and nausea and the Global Autoimmune Institute have said that the benefits of getting the vaccine outweigh any risk of developing side-effects.

The model went into depth about the other health issues she’d been suffering with including panic attacks and migraines.

After visiting a psychiatrist, Delilah explained she was ‘overprescribed’ Xanax (alprazolam) for her extreme panic attacks, which is a drug widely used to treat panic disorders and high-level anxiety.

The 23 year old disclosed that she has also been diagnosed with encephalitis, which is inflammation on the brain and as a result she now cannot fly on planes including to visit her boyfriend in England.

The couple have been dating since May 2019, after she slid into his DMs on Instagram, but they have been apart for the few months while Delilah went through her health scares.

She praised Eyal as being “so supportive” as she battled through all these serious health issues. The emotional reunion came saw the couple appear loved up and discredit any claims from earlier this year of having rows, after they spent most of 2020 apart due to the lockdowns.

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