EXCLUSIVE! Learn More About IAMNOTSHANE — The Highly Creative Artist Behind ‘Lifeguard’

You want to be a part of IAMNOTSHANE‘s world!

A self-described “slut on Tuesdays,” the 23-year-old singer-songwriter offers a unique collision of pop and art that we’d prescribe for any of today’s ailments.

The eccentric artist just debuted his nautically mesmerizing music video for Lifeguard (watch above), and we were able to get a few pearls of wisdom from him about his latest work and influences:

What’s the inspiration behind the nautical/siren theme? 

“All jokes aside, I legitimately have a tail. I’ve considered myself a professional pole dancing merman since I was a young lad. So this music video is basically my every day life.”

Can we expect to see more elemental music videos in the future? 

“I want you to expect the unexpected! Every music video of mine has a plot twist and a moment that makes the viewer mouth the words ‘why.’”

Who influenced you growing up? Who does today?

“I’m inspired by the theatrics and music of Marina and the diamonds, Stromae, Depeche Mode and Gesaffelstein!”

What do you think the world needs a Lifeguard from these days? 

“I need a lifeguard to save me from myself because I’m a naughty boi and deserve a proper spanking.”


IAMNOTSHANE is a breath of fresh air in a drowning world!

Be sure to check out his previous music videos, Insecure and Dance, and then you can learn more about the highly creative up-and-comer HERE!

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