Emily Ratajkowski Is Not Done Protesting

“Being a Woman in 2018 means being multifaceted,” Emily Ratajkowski remarked as she accepted the Woman of the Year Award at last weekend’s #REVOLVEAwards in Las Vegas. “I think that Revolve has done an incredible job of uplifting and making it possible for women to be sexy and be smart and be political and all those things.” And Ratajkowski is certainly multifaceted. She’s a model, an actress, an activist, a designer, and a newlywed. “I think a lot of relationships is looking at yourself and being fair and seeing everything from every perspective,” she said of her marriage with husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. “Not necessarily compromise, just perspective.”


There was no compromising on her look that night; she beamed in an oxblood pantsuit by L’Acadamie — the one outfit she told me always does the trick when she wants to feel powerful. Honored alongside movers and shakers like singer Teyana Taylor (Muse Award) and hairstylist to the stars and Ouai haircare founder Jen Atkin (Mogul Award), Ratajkowski used this particular moment to remind us all to keep fighting the good fight when it comes to politics. “Election day is a huge day, but every day we should be doing something,” she said.


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The multi-hyphenate Ratajkowski has been known to bless our Instagram feeds with a bikini selfie or two, but she won’t hesitate to use her reach to promote participation in the democratic process. Not only is her Instagram chock full of political sentiments, but she’s famously showed support at events like the LA Women’s March and was even detained last month at a rally protesting the controversial confirmation of Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanagh. “In the age of the internet, we all post and that’s important, but also connecting with people on the ground — I could not oversell that more. It’s so important,” she told InStyle of her online and offline efforts to bring awareness to the causes most important to her.

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Revolve shoppers had the chance to vote on awards like Model of the Year (which went to VS Angel Romee Strijd) and Best Influencer Brand (which went to Olivia Culpo for her Marled by Olivia Culpo collection), but just before that, the entire country was preparing to vote in the Midterm election that ended up putting more than 100 women in Congress, and at least nine in governors mansions. “We just had election day and a lot of people are patting themselves on the back because they voted, but you know, there’s a lot of white men in office, and we tell ourselves that we should call them on the phone, but there are other ways to make change happen that are a little bit more grassroots,” Ratajkowski said.

Despite all of the positive outcomes, there was one election result really chafed her. “I was very sad about Ted Cruz in Texas, but I was happy that more people showed up for midterms than normal,” she commented. “I think we should all be encouraged, but the fight’s never over.”

Being outspoken about her political views does have its drawbacks, though. Ratajkowski shared that while she does indeed get mercilessly trolled online, she has a very bring-it-on mentality. “I think it’s important to have conversations about political issues in general, so I welcome that. But I think it’s also really important to realize people are hiding behind their computers and saying things to infuriate you, and you just can’t really worry about that so much.” 


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