Ellen Degeneres Fesses Up Her Teen Self-Blame Own Stupidity for Her Sexual Abuse

Comedienne Ellen DeGeneres didn’t report the sexual abuse she suffered at the age of 15 because she initially thought her own stupidity was to blame.

The “Finding Dory” star first went public with her traumatic experience during an interview with Busy Philipps in an episode of her “The Ellen DeGeneres Show“, which aired in the U.S. on Wednesday, October 03, when the former “Dawson’s Creek” actress broke down as she opened up about being raped at 14.

Ellen is “hopeful” the ongoing public campaign to end unwelcome sexual advances sparks a change in society, but she is dismayed by the victim-shaming some people have endured – especially when it’s come from U.S. President Donald Trump, who blasted Dr. Ford during a recent campaign rally in Mississippi.

“I’m hopeful, but then I see things that just continue to happen,” Ellen said. “I see Trump and he’s now mocking Dr. Ford… I don’t like to talk about him, and this is not political, it really isn’t… It’s just about respect and someone who is the leader of our country, who is mocking someone who was abused. You don’t do that, you don’t mock somebody. I’m angry.”

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