Elizabeth Warren Takes DNA Test, Trump Says He Won’t Fulfill $1 Million Charity Offer

You may remember, back in July, Donald Trump made an offer to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren: he donate one million dollars to the charity of her choice if she took a DNA test to prove she had Native American heritage.

“And we will say, ‘I will give you a million dollars, paid for by Trump, to your favorite charity if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian … we’ll see what she does. I have a feeling she will say no but we will hold it for the debates,” the President said at a rally back in July.

Turns out, the Senator did take the DNA test and she does have distant Native American ancestry.

Trump was asked about the DNA test and his one million dollar offer and told CNN, “Who cares? I didn’t say that. You better read it again.”

Trump has often been at odds with Senator Warren and has called her, “Pocahontas,” in public forums.

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