Does Rachael Kirkconnell Win Matt James’ Season Of ‘The Bachelor’? Fans Think So

Caution: Massive spoiler ahead. After some majorly sleuthing, fans believe Rachael Kirkconnell wins Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. Why, you ask? Well, they have evidence and, TBH, it’s pretty convincing.

On Jan. 17, the Instagram account @bachsleuthers posted a screenshot that revealed James was listening to Kirkconnell’s playlist "night drive" on Spotify. over the weekend. They posted the screenshot along with a picture of James and captioned it:

I also feel like it’s important for me to note that I listened to the playlist and it definitely has an extremely sexy vibe to it.

Now, obviously, I don’t know why James was really listening to the playlist. There could be a million reasons! Maybe producers of The Bachelor thought it would raise some eyebrows and stir up some drama. Maybe he just likes Kirkconnell’s taste in music. Maybe they’re just friends and he told her that he was about to go for a drive at night, so she texted him "omg, I have the perfect playlist for that."

But, if I’m being honest, I really don’t think most people would just casually be listening to their ex’s sexy Spotify playlist on a random weekend. Of course, James is not most people. He’s literally The Bachelor. So, there’s room for me to be wrong here. But listening to her sexy playlist on Spotify feels reallyyyyy relationship-y to me.

ICYMI: Kirkconnell is the contestant on James’ season who teared up when he kicked off their first cocktail party with a prayer. She also received a rose during a group date on the second episode.

According to her ABC profile, she’s a major romantic:

Some other fun facts about her? Per the same profile:

So, I think it’s safe to bet James was driving fast on that weekend Night Drive.

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