Disturbing clip resurfaces showing Rolf Harris teaching kids about ‘touching’

Rolf Harris presents ‘Kids Can Say No’ in 1985

The disgraced entertainer, Rolf Harris, had long been out of the public eye after he was arrested following the Operation Yewtree police investigation into historical sexual assault allegations which took place between 1968 and 1986.

He was eventually convicted and sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for 12 counts of indecent assault, and was released in 2017 after serving almost three years.

In May 2017, Harris was formally cleared of four unconnected historical sex offences, which he had denied.

Following the news of his death today, a disturbing video has since resurfaced of the entertainer teaching children about the harms of being inappropriately touched.

The clip, which has since been shared on TikTok, was initially released in 1985 which Harris fronted for his Kids Can Say No! campaign.

The educational video warned young people about the dangers of sexual abuse and the distinction between “yes feelings” and “no feelings”.

The 20-minute video, shown widely in schools, used Harris’s renown and rapport with young people to explain what the Australian-born star called the difference between “yes feelings” – those prompted by properly affectionate touching such as parental hugs – to “no feelings” which was deemed inappropriate touching.

In the clip, he asked the young children who owns their body to which one respondent replied “it’s my body”.

“Sometimes people do things to one another which don’t make them feel good,” Harris remarked.

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He went on to explain to the children that cradling a newborn or toddler was a nice touch which he dubbed a “yes feeling”.

“Even people you know and trust can be abusers,” Harris tells the children in the video. “You can also get a ‘no’ feeling from people that you do already know. It’s quite hard to say no to these people because you feel that you’re always supposed to be nice to them. Or at least you feel you should do what they ask you to do.”

In Kids Can Say No, Harris tells his young audience that they should not be afraid to come forward.

“Some people don’t act right with kids, and they need help,” he says. “You can’t protect them from trouble that they themselves have caused, and it’s better to say something so that you and the family can get the help you need. You know nothing gets better by keeping quiet about it.”

In the clip shared on TikTok, Harris urged children to speak out about abuse and said that was the type of touching he wanted to discuss.

“You all understand what I mean don’t you,” he went on. “Touching can be one of the nicest feelings in the whole world.”

Harris added: “Remember most people want to help so if you can remember all those things that give you a ‘yes feeling’ then it will help you to be able to say no to those people who are really bothering you and giving you a ‘no feeling.’

“Tell them to ‘go away’ and we’ll get all our friends around and sing a song together.”

The video which has been shared on social media ends with Harris and a group of children singing in chorus: “My body’s nobody’s body but mine. You’ve got your own body, let me have mine.”

In his final years, it was reported that the former TV presenter was “gravely sick” with neck cancer and was receiving around-the-clock care.

A statement from his family, released through his solicitor, announced that Rolf’s funeral had already taken place.

It read: “This is to confirm that Rolf Harris recently died peacefully surrounded by family and friends and has now been laid to rest.

“They ask that you respect their privacy. No further comment will be made.”

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