Did a Trump supporter yell ‘monkey’ or ‘spygate’ at Donald Trump’s mini-rally?

Before the Republican National Convention really started rolling yesterday, Donald Trump did an unhinged event in North Carolina, which is home to this year’s “scaled down” RNC. His staff timed his speech for the delegate roll call, and clearly, the GOP thinks this is a winning strategy: Let Trump Be Trump, or Just Put Him In Front of a Camera. That’s all that’s happening now, there is no script, there is no message beyond deflect and project and lie and grift. Still, something new happened during Trump’s bigly speech – someone in the audience shouted out something:

President Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party’s presidential nominee Monday after a scaled-down group of delegates gathered for a roll-call vote at the Charlotte Convention Center. Trump, who had promised to focus the Republican National Convention on a more positive and upbeat vision for the country, opened his speech as the newly selected nominee by attacking Democrats for their push to expand access to mail-in ballots amid the ongoing pandemic.

“It’s not fair, it’s not right, and it’s not going to be possible to tabulate,” Trump said. “They are using COVID to defraud the American people of a fair and free election. They are trying to steal the election,” Trump continued. “Don’t let them take it away from you.”

When Trump mentioned former President Barack Obama’s name, an attendee shouted something that sounded to some like the word “monkey” and to others like “spygate.”

“Let’s be nice,” Trump said, provoking laughter from the audience. He then added, “This could only happen in North Carolina,” before continuing with his remarks.

[From NBC News]

I’m including the video clip below – I’ve listened to this f–king audio with an open mind, listening for both “spygate” and “monkey.” Out of five listens, I heard “monkey” four times and “spygate” once. It’s like the “what color is that dress” thing. The thing is, TRUMP heard “monkey.” That’s the only way his comment makes any sense – “Let’s be nice… this could only happen in North Carolina.” He’s calling North Carolinians racists. He thinks North Carolinians are his people. And since HE heard “monkey,” we should judge him on his reaction to it, not the debate about what was actually shouted.

This is Trump & the audience’s reaction.. it’s funny to them. The racism is funny to them. pic.twitter.com/FJaVC7WzSY

— Khalil (@kbyrd2_) August 24, 2020

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